Nature makes beautiful art

I’m sure red cabbage will trigger an abstract painting in me one day. Maybe I should paint it in cabbage juice, since that turns an interesting indigo colour.


Could be a Pinterest fail

I have a great quality T shirt that had the misfortune to have a company logo printed on it. I thought I could use acrylic textile medium and some highly-pigmented professional quality acrylic to blank out the white logo and create a blank canvas for some art… it hasn’t worked. Now I need to think about incorporating the original printed logo in a way that disguises it. I can’t use pure acrylic because that’ll create an inflexible crunchy bit on the T-shirt.

I have done many arts

I’ve been logging in to WordPress frequently, uploading some pictures… then getting interrupted by a toddler and forgetting to come back to this!

So to catch up on my daily art challenge I’m going to post several days in one go. Most days I draw things in wax crayon on the orders of my little one, who then tries to help with colouring, so this isn’t high art here.

African radio

I was given an old African radio about 10 years ago, which is made of recycled electrical components and fencing wire. Its recycled beer can covers had been bothering me for a long time, so it was time to beautify it. It now has pride of place on my kitchen window sill and yes, it still works. Whoever made it was a master of his or her craft.

If anyone plans on copying this… beading onto a frame while dodging fragile electrical circuits was harder work than I expected. I’m not completely happy with the finish, but I am not doing this again.

Unless I find another African radio…


I like making art using a jumble of steam of consciousness text, this one on motivation. I seem to have lost my old ones and didn’t have time to do a self portrait today, so went for a Rothko-style block of colour.