African radio

I was given an old African radio about 10 years ago, which is made of recycled electrical components and fencing wire. Its recycled beer can covers had been bothering me for a long time, so it was time to beautify it. It now has pride of place on my kitchen window sill and yes, it still works. Whoever made it was a master of his or her craft.

If anyone plans on copying this… beading onto a frame while dodging fragile electrical circuits was harder work than I expected. I’m not completely happy with the finish, but I am not doing this again.

Unless I find another African radio…



I like making art using a jumble of steam of consciousness text, this one on motivation. I seem to have lost my old ones and didn’t have time to do a self portrait today, so went for a Rothko-style block of colour.


I was struggling to find inspiration for my one art per day challenge, until I saw my daughter’s Helles Teeth teething toy. My drawing’s not perfect, but at least I made some art.